• "The CAFB Foundation Course was a real eye opener. It was amazing to witness the transformation of our preconceived notions. Dr. Crawford’s explanation of the common ailments of seniors and how it affects them was illuminating. The illustration on just how fun and lighthearted seniors can be really changed my perception. Understanding these nuances will really help me, and my staff, increase our level of service to this vital demographic. I recommend this course to anyone who works with or services the senior community."
    Patrick A. Ruscitti, CGA, CFP
    Principal, BBA Accounting Group Inc.
  • "I would recommend this not only to customer service, but to anyone who interacts with other people on a regular basis. I think EVERYONE in the world needs to see this!!!"
    CAFB Member - Anonymous Feedback
  • "I will be sure to put this to practice with my senior clients and I would love it if we had CD's that we could hand out even to them to watch, I think it would help all seniors to realize they are important and have a place in our world."
    CAFB Member - Anonymous Feedback
  • "I've been in business for a long time.and I think of myself as kind of a bright guy. But after just a few minutes into your video training, I found there was a lot about Boomers & Seniors that I thought I knew about, and was taking for granted. After completing the entire training, I'm amazed at how far my awareness has grown! I know that when I put this material into practice with my clients, it will help me immediately. I can whole-heartedly recommend that anyone who has direct or indirect contact with people of this age group in the course of their business day should complete this training. I can't imagine how it won't help every business owner of all types.
    Thank you for taking the time to put this information together in a way that is easy to understand, and easy to apply."
    Jack Rued
    Strategic Directions in Marketing
  • "I enjoyed it so much I will view it over and over to remind myself that age is a number and that each person must be treated as an individual."
    CAFB Member - Anonymous Feedback
  • "Excellent course, I could definitely relate. It gave me new ideas and confirmed things I already practice."
    CAFB Member - Anonymous Feedback
  • "This course is an absolute must for anyone who sells products or services! There is a HUGE untapped aging market out there and it takes a few, simple changes in your business practice to make all your clients comfortable, happy, feeling cared for and RETURNING. Thank you, I enjoyed this course very, very much and learned a lot, I now have great ideas to implement into our business."
    Tuula Pajak
    General Manager
    Dream Classics Charter Service
  • "Excellent idea, we will all be there someday & to have this course opens our eyes personally and when interacting with others. I think it will change the way seniors are viewed.
    Great timing re: demographic changes in our work place."
    CAFB Member - Anonymous Feedback
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